Project Nebula

Thank you, explorers. We can confirm that this was more than just a successful, safe launch through The Gateway on 27 JUL 2021. This exceeded our own, already high, expectations.

Now that we’re all together here and unable to return to Earth, it’s a good time to look at statistics…

Protofungi? Ha! You’re gonna need something thicker than a vac suit. Nearly drove Luraksson mad in that shuttle landing. But the damn things have boosted our research out here so much, I couldn’t imagine not harvesting ‘em.

Special resources and upgrade slots are unique to planets in Project Nebula. They…

All systems operational. Preparing for Gateway embarkment. Stay safe over on the other side, crew. We’ll see you there.

Explorers, get ready for blastoff in T-3, 2…

Your Official Manual for Launch on 27 JUL 2021

Your first mission is a big one, recruit. Earth is counting on your success — rather all of humanity is. It won’t be…

Project Nebula

A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration. Discover and own unique planets, artifacts, digital art, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!

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