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Project Nebula

Thank you, explorers. We can confirm that this was more than just a successful, safe launch through The Gateway on 27 JUL 2021. This exceeded our own, already high, expectations.

Now that we’re all together here and unable to return to Earth, it’s a good time to look at statistics, re-calibrate our engines, and let you know what to expect next. Many future recruits are still on Earth and excited to blast-off as well, rest assured that all of our futures will include many of these soon-to-be explorers.

Now, to your stations! There is work to be done.

What are the numbers?

There are…

Hey, I’m in this for the coin too. Claim a planet, sell a planet. Whatever. Exploration keeps me moving.

Planets and spaceships (NFTs) can be found in the Project Nebula marketplace. Whether you’re looking for art, music, and lore pieces, or searching for the next ship or planet to give you a strategic edge, The Marketplace is where you need to be.

Before you start making marketplace transactions, you’ll want to have some ICX available. Check out our simple guide to Setting up an ICON Wallet.

If you thought this planet was beautiful when we found it, you should see it now. Amazing what a few credits, a Core Energy Extractor, and some simple, foundational science can accomplish.

Exploration is a large facet of the Project Nebula universe, but how well you explore and what you do with your discoveries will largely depend on resources. This article will easily break down Fuel, Credits, Industry, and Research for you before you hop in your ship and venture into the void.

Martian Ships Descending — Elias Stern

The planets are not the only things…

There’s so much more out here than we expected, Captain. And not just Terran workings either. Something purely alien.

Let’s approach.

Exploring the Void

Hex-based exploration (hexploration?) means there are six possible movements from any position that you’re in. As you move through the void, you’ll uncover hidden objects, stars, rogue planets, and so much more. Many solar systems (stars) and wormholes are known from a longer distance, but most objects are waiting for your ship to approach before your scanner will detect them.

Project Nebula is a space themed, collectable strategy game on the ICON blockchain. Discover and own unique planets, artifacts, and more in an ever-expanding universe! Planets in Project Nebula are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that players can claim, trade, and sell through the in-game Marketplace. The game includes elements from the 4X gaming genre, such as open exploration, research, and resource management.

The time has come for the first planets of the New Galaxy to be discovered. NFT presale begins on: October 28th, 2020 / 10:00 AM (UTC)

What you need to know about the presale

There will be a total of 1100 unique planets created for the Generation Zero.

  1. The first 100 planet NFTs will hit the Marketplace when the presale starts (Oct. 28th);
  2. The presale spans 10 weeks with 100 new planet tokens…

“Let them explore, I say it’s time to build! There’s a gold mine floating right under our feet here. Me? Quadstation. I’ll peddle fuel to anyone bursting through the Gateway.”

Gunther Halback

What are Zones (land) in Project Nebula?

Own a hex! The newest utility NFT in Project Nebula — a place for you to turn your blueprints into consumable, profit-making, advantage-giving map objects — much like land in other NFT games, hexes will begin with a centralised location in the GEN-0 and GEN-1 starting sectors.

What is the benefit of having hexes?

The Crafting expansion brings a huge array of new mechanics, assets and content into Project Nebula; players constructing and deploying stations…

Protofungi? Ha! You’re gonna need something thicker than a vac suit. Nearly drove Luraksson mad in that shuttle landing. But the damn things have boosted our research out here so much, I couldn’t imagine not harvesting ‘em.

Special resources and upgrade slots are unique to planets in Project Nebula. They increase a planet’s value by aiding explorers and colonizers in their journeys. Current functions include things like…

🔬 Lowering fuel costs
🔬 Increasing resource production
🔬 Colonizing rogue, exotic, and gas planets
🔬 Evolving your gameplay…

Project Nebula’s crafting will kick-off with dozens of unique materials — needed for producing…

All systems operational. Preparing for Gateway embarkment. Stay safe over on the other side, crew. We’ll see you there.

Explorers, get ready for blastoff in T-3, 2…

Your Official Manual for Launch on 27 JUL 2021

Your first mission is a big one, recruit. Earth is counting on your success — rather all of humanity is. It won’t be an easy task and you may eventually even come across a fight or two, but keep your cool on this one-way journey and you’ll do just fine.

Let’s get you in a ship. There’s plenty to choose from in the marketplace.

Your dossier may seem complex at first, but once…

Project Nebula is a real-time strategy game that incorporates unique NFTs on the ICON blockchain to provide players with speed, control and value.

As players eagerly anticipate the launch through the Gateway on 27 JUL 2021, information regarding the launch, and its accompanying GEN-1 NFTs, has been in high-demand.

Explorers, this is your long-awaited briefing…

Excited to play? Be sure to have your ICON wallet ready, some ICX, and visit the marketplace to begin! You’ll need, at least, a spaceship to explore (we recommend a planet too).

GEN-1 planets

Episode 1: As the Second Wind arrives into the new galaxy, the situation seems calm. The trek through The Gateway was a success, but it doesn’t take long before the Captain’s Aide reports something odd.

“Cap, nearby vessels are sharing data regarding their passage through the Gateway — noticed something strange.

Julian isn’t some freak accident. Several other vessels have people falling into weird, repeated trances. The trance-fallen are describing it as the same endless, looping line of thought. Calling it mindloop. Regular medscanners aren’t picking up much.

This could possibly develop into something much more serious; it could even…

Project Nebula

A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration. Discover and own unique planets, artifacts, digital art, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!

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