After the Gateway

A post launch update

What are the numbers?

There are around 609 active ships travelling about on this side of the Gateway, as of the sending of this letter.

We knew that colonization would take some time for explorers. With both research and relentless exploration, humans have now claimed 705 brand-new worlds since embarking from Earth into this new galaxy.

Our feeds picked up rumours of 157 unclaimed Legendary planets before we all blasted off in different directions. It’s been confirmed that 34 of these have now been colonized, and a big congratulations from the Gateway Committee to these explorers for their good fortune.

2 Mythic planets remain completely shrouded by the void.

New Regions have been discovered.

Following launch, all explorers began from our Spacedocks in the three known regions we had at the time. Thanks to the discovery of multiple wormholes in these sectors, and rift generator technology, reports have been provided from multiple explorers that new Regions have been discovered:

Diaspora, Shroudlands, The Silent Cluster, The Veil and The Great Divide are now being mapped and contain a myriad of new sectors. There’s likely much more out there still left uncovered as new information is constantly being received from ship logs and Scouting Station discussions.

This galaxy is much larger than most of us realize, there’s no denying it.

What happens next at Project Nebula?

Like the mystery box contents of GEN-0 planets already hinted, the next major thing we’re bringing into Project Nebula is a complex crafting system where players will be able to refine advanced materials from their planetary resources and use those materials, together with blueprints, to start crafting new NFTs.

Ceres Module being constructed

Craftable NFTs for players will include:

Various types of consumable items (some of which you are already familiar with), countless upgrade modules for spaceships and yes — entirely new spaceship NFTs as well.

The entire economy revolving around the crafting of new NFTs will be tradable on the Project Nebula Marketplace.

The Project Nebula crafting expansion will have a large impact on gameplay and will come with tons of new upgrade possibilities for planets, technologies to research and new map objects to both discover and interact with.

When is the next generation of ships?

The marketplace has really taken off and new users are joining every day and grabbing ships from the marketplace. We’re thrilled to see so many people coming in and agreeing to the current value of the GEN-0 ships.

That being said, we do have plans to introduce more ships in the not-so-distant future and even have many of them designed already 🚀

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