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5 min readDec 1, 2020


Thank You,

When we launched the Project Nebula presale, we were anxious about seeing everything unfold. All the time, effort and attention that’s gone into this undertaking needed to have positive proof surround it. And that’s exactly what’s been happening; thanks to you, our community, this has been a galactic success.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen our Twitter following grow from just a few hundred to over a 1000 interested space-travellers. Our community in Telegram has also been growing and the active support, feedback and general conversation over there has been tremendous.

Let’s break down what’s happened over the last five, interstellar weeks:

Generation Zero Week 1:

It takes a SpaceX rocket about 8 ½ minutes to reach orbit. It took us less than 4 minutes to sell out of planets during our first week. We were truly blown away as the first pioneers barreled through the wormhole and ventured into their new worlds.

The downside? A lot of people didn’t get a chance to grab a planet during week one. We decided to move Rare planet types into auctions, starting from week 2. Players would see 6 hour breaks between auction times to allow our worldwide audience a chance to participate. These rare planets started at a modest price of 75 ICX.

Generation Zero Week 2:

We welcomed our first setback during week 2 as players watched most of the Uncommon planets be purchased by a bot within 4 seconds. The community received a gift from Project Nebula to make things right; an airdrop of a free uncommon planet was provided to every member at the time.

Excluding the bot overtake of planetary purchasing, week 2 was a success in terms of both revenue for Project Nebula and the auction format change from week 1. Participants dropped the “grab it all” notion and began to hunt down planets they specifically wanted to obtain in order to complete collectible sets or simply purchase based on appeal.

Generation Zero Week 3:

Continuing to avoid bots, a raffle was started in the Project Nebula Telegram group to determine a number of lucky participants who could buy an Uncommon planet at a fixed price of 25 ICX. It was determined that the success of this raffle meant a continuation of it throughout the remainder of the presale. Week 3 continued to show a successful pattern for the Project Nebula blast-off.

Generation Zero Week 4:

Short, sweet, and to the point. Planets continued to be sold out throughout the sale and more participants were able to grab planets of rarer types than before. To top things off, a new soundtrack was released into the universe and the raffle opportunity grew from 20 planets to 30.

Generation Zero Week 5:

An exciting landscape was discovered in week 5; two of them, actually. Brand-new panoramic art pieces were revealed for both Exotic and Rogue planet types as well as the last planetary soundtrack for the noxious Gas Giants. With all of the artwork and soundtracks now released for this presale, the final, collectible lore set is waiting to be discovered.

Much of the older art pieces have had nearly all 10 copies distributed already. The plan is that during the last presale weeks we offer planets with all of the collectible pieces once more allowing players to finish their collections with the final copies should they be missing any pieces.

The community reaction to the discoverable and collectible lore, art, and soundtracks has been phenomenal. It’s a good time to remind you that we’re always looking for new digital artists and musicians, should you know any space-minded talents. Make sure they reach out to us via and send some solid credentials to join our mission of beautiful discovery.

Collectable landscape artwork in Project Nebula

The Full Recap:

  • 4 Legendary planets out of 10 have been sold with the Legendary Ice Planet Casimir auction currently taking place.
  • 285 Rare planets have been sold with only 300 remaining in the final half of the sale.
  • 237 Uncommon planets have been sold, leaving 167 for more players to grab.
  • The ever-looming Mythic planet has yet to be introduced (or discovered) and remains but a mere, dark orb orbiting among the rest. Excitement continues to grow around this prospective beauty.

Out of the 1000 total planet NFTs available for purchase in Generation Zero, 526 planets have already been sold. There are currently over 150 players who own Project Nebula’s NFTs and more than half of the planet owners have more than 1 planet in their collection.

The first 5 weeks have made Project Nebula over 140 000 ICX. This is pretty damn awesome. We are proud and more certain than ever that Project Nebula will be delivered to all of you in 2021 with all funds going into game development and increasing our team.

Joining us soon will be Daniel Faubion, who will ensure that special care is taken of our community and will continue to help us with content creation and marketing on a full-time basis. As the newest member of our squadron, a few other hats may be awarded to him additionally.

In Conclusion, Travellers…

We know you have a lot of questions about Project Nebula; that’s why we’re doing an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) soon! We’ll host this in Reddit where both founders of Project Nebula, Kaarel and Holger, will be able to answer the most burning questions from everyone in the community. Details of the AMA will be announced in our Twitter/Telegram channels.

Thanks for jumping through the wormhole with us. Maintain that youthful enthusiasm as we continue to unlock new worlds and galaxies for a long time to come 🚀

Into the Void,

The Project Nebula Team



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